AG Inspired Cusine

AG Inspired Cuisine is a season-inspired menu restaurant that hosts a live music act every Friday and Saturday evening 8-11pm. We were invited to play this past weekend and were excited to perform. As you walk into the restaurant, you are enveloped by the alluring atmosphere created by the warming and soft décor, the kind staff, and the aromas travelling from the kitchen straight to your senses. The layout of the restaurant makes it easy for you to enjoy a meal with loved ones with smart spacing, yet adhering to a level of coziness. The menu offers a variety of exquisite options inspired by seasonal food grown locally, giving you a farm – to – food experience.

AG Inspired Cuisine

We wanted to ensure we’d match and contribute to the ambiance that AG Inspired Cuisine had established, so we put together a list of music to include variety, uniqueness, and elegance. Our music selection ranged from some jazz tunes arranged by Nikki Iles, Tango music, well-known Classical pieces, and more popular tunes (from Elton John to Rufus Wainright to Taylor swift).

We are looking forward to play more during their live music evenings (Fridays and Saturdays) and always invite requests the week before on our Facebook page.

Feel free to check out the sample below of one of the pieces we performed: