5 Popular Recessional Songs

When choosing to have live musicians at their wedding, couples are usually mostly thinking about what processional song they’d like to have. We’ve played some really nice ones lately that we have since added to our repertoire list – we had never heard To Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan, but we found a version that sounded great and have since had a few other people request it!

However, the one that everyone seems to get stuck on is what recessional song to use. It should be upbeat and fun, but classy and beautiful – here are some popular numbers that work great and we love to play.

1. Coldplay - Viva La Vida

It’s always nice when the song you are playing was originally written with strings! Very recognizable and catchy, and works great arranged for violin + piano.

2. Handel - La Rejouissance

Liam has been performing at weddings with other string players since he was 14, playing mostly classical music, and 9/10 times this was the one for the recessional. Lots of great baroque energy.

3. The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

Classic - We love this one and have had it requested many times.

4. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes - Home

This one is great fun to play – just as in the song, the piano and violin take turns with the melody and create a great conversation. It’s got a nice folky and fun twist and works great for smaller ceremonies.

5. The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

The Beatles must be our favourite group to perform the songs of. There’s so much music written into their songs, with lots of great harmonies that translate so well to classical instruments. It’s the music of an older generation, but younger people seem to still really enjoy hearing it. This has been a popular one!