4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Ceremony Needs Live Music

Although there are many costs that can quickly add up while planning a wedding ceremony, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on live music in order to save on your bottom line:


Are you tired of booking live music for your house party? Do you need a break from the string quartet playing Grieg each morning when you wake up? Realistically, these complaints certainly don't apply to the average person! We save live music for our most special occasions, and the atmosphere created by professional musicians just for you and your guests comes second to none. There is also certainly a special feeling created by musicians playing their instruments live. Would a concert be the same if there were no musicians on stage and simply pre-recorded sound being played? In our case, a duo performing on instruments mainly associated with classical music, a real sense of elegance and classiness is created when we perform live.


We play a lot of requests – more than we initially expected! We love when people pick music that is special to them, and this often involves some pretty unique songs. However, the instrumentation in the original recording might not always be the most appropriate for a wedding ceremony – this is where we come in! We can make an arrangement of the song, preserving all the melody/harmony, but giving it a classy twist of being played on classical instruments. There definitely aren’t recorded versions of these special requests. A memorable arrangement we did lately was of The Vaccines' I Always Knew. It turned out great, worked perfect as a processional song, and added that special touch to an already exciting moment!

This is the couple we played The Vaccines song for! Aren't they sweet?  http://www.jessicalittlephotography.com/

This is the couple we played The Vaccines song for! Aren't they sweet? http://www.jessicalittlephotography.com/


I’ll be honest – amplified sound systems are very difficult to get right. Playing recorded music through a PA system can often sound muddy, muffled, or harsh. A proper setup really does take someone knowledgeable, often involving an expensive rental, and setup/sound check time.  With acoustic instruments, there are never any technical difficulties, very little setup time, and a lovely natural sound that is adjusted on the fly to accommodate how many guests are present in order to not be too quiet or too loud. Classical instruments also especially excel in big reverberant spaces, such as churches. A lot of classical music was written for this setting, therefore the music projects and fills the space in such a beautiful way. And because we arrange our popular music to suit the needs of our Classical instruments, it works out perfectly.

No Technical Difficulties

As I mentioned previously, there are never technical issues when working with acoustic instruments, and power isn’t even required! For parts of wedding ceremonies that require careful timing, such as the bridal processional, it definitely helps to be able to make up appropriate endings on the fly, rather than a fadeout or a full stop on a recording! Occasionally, tempos must also be slowed down to accommodate not ending too early. Not a good look if the bride hasn’t finished walking down the aisle and the song has ended! A recording will never wait, but we keep a close eye on every aspect of the wedding to ensure smooth transitions (TIP: If you have a big wedding party or know your venue of choice has a long [rocky staircase] aisle to walk down - and you've decided to wear heels - mention it to your musicians). Lastly, no sound check is ever needed as well, as musicians are quite good at using their ears to adjust the volume of playing as they go along.

To most people, music doesn’t seem that important to something like a wedding ceremony until it goes wrong or is missing. Hiring experienced musicians with many, many wedding ceremonies and other events under their belt ensures a memorable and smooth event with a beautiful atmosphere.